Can it be resized?

Most rings can be easily resized 2 sizes up or down, many can be sized further. If there's a ring in particular you want information on, just start a chat or drop us an email. For our UK customers we offer our Free Resizing service, see the page for details.

What will be delivered?

Your jewellery will arrive inside a large ring box, inside a storage/presentation box. That box will be included alongside an envelope containing a letter about your specific jewellery and its history for the recipient. These are delivered in an unbranded box, as we know many people want their proposals to be a surprise. If you are outside the UK we may be required by your country to include a customs declaration on the packaging.

How quickly will I receive it?

UK: We aim to dispatch within one working day, and we use next day tracked services for our shipping. We also perform some additional fraud checks on our orders because of the high value of our antiques. As an example, most people who place an order on a Monday morning will get their items Tuesday or Wednesday, but please factor in that fraud checks and shipping during times of national uncertainty mean this cannot be guaranteed. We always provide dispatch notifications and tracking information to you as soon as we have it.

International: We aim to dispatch within one working day and use Royal Mail's International Tracked & Signed service. The service estimates delivery 3-5 working days to Europe and 5-7 days to the rest of the world.

What if it doesn't fit?

UK: If the ring is perfect except for the fit, we'll resize it for you free of charge for any ring with a purchase price of £250 or more. You can read more about it under Resizing.

International: A local jeweller should be able to resize your ring for you. Most rings easily resize up or down 2 sizes, and often can be resized further depending on the ring. If you would like to check how well a right might resize you can contact us for more information. 

How do you determine diamond carat?

With antique jewellery you wouldn't want to remove and re-set the diamonds just to weigh them. Diamond carat estimates are done based on visual assessment of the size, shape and cut using a digital calliper. Our presentations of diamond carat are a guide, but should not be considered a guarantee.

How do you determine gold carat?

Many pieces of jewellery are hallmarked to say the carat of the gold. Where this is present we present that. Where it is not we use chemical testing to determine the carat of the gold on the surface of the shank. Our presentations of gold carat are a guide, but should not be considered a guarantee.

How do you determine age?

We use three methods together to determine age. When the assay office has used hallmarking letters to specify the year of manufacture we use those as our guide, when clear and unambiguous these give an exact year we present. If there are no hallmarks or the hallmarks are hard to discern on older antiques we factor in the style of the ring and the cut of the diamonds. The way diamonds have been cut over the centuries give a good guide to how best to date a ring, and jewellery, like clothing, has a fashion coherent with its era. Sometimes we also obtain jewellery in sets, where the dating of the other pieces from that set can act as a suggestion of age for the ring. Our presentations of year or era are a guide, but should not be considered a guarantee.

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